CEU Opportunities

  • NO need to stress over TRAVEL… to go or not to go
  • Online at your Convenience
  • Unlimited Access to material that never expires
  • EPIC training to ENHANCE your Knowledge and Empower your Confidence

I-Sight 2020 #livEPIC – $997 $297 (25 CEU)

You will learn:

  • How to Recognize Fear is REAL and not a LIAR
  • How to Utilize Release processes that WORK on the underlying CORE/ROOT issue versus “talk therapy” about emotions
  • How to Stand in “your” power of EMPOWERMENT with healthy boundaries…..clearing the clutter and knowing YOU
  • How to utilized the Envelope Method for results driven guidance
  • You will be Transformed with this work!!

Empowered & Equipped Empath – $997 $247 (25 CEU)

Empaths are highly sensitive and have the ability to be finely tuned instruments for emotions — experiencing the world though intuition. Naturally giving and excellent listeners, empaths are world-class nurturers!


  • The Guiding Principles and MINDSET
  • 5 levels of Empathic Development
  • The 4 Psychic Senses
  • Chakra Overview – Energy Centers
  • Mechanics & Techniques
  • Cleaning & Clearing
  • Shielding & Protection

MRT & Pendulum Uses – $997 $247 (25 CEU)

MRT, Muscle Response Testing, is a useful course concerning the art of muscle testing for dietary and nutritional needs.

Content: Muscle testing for optimal wellness, procedures before starting the muscle test assessment, how to muscle test, anatomical testing points, things to know, testing kits and supplements, complementary assessment and therapy tools.


Powerful Pendulum Uses Simplified is an Information packed program to developing through the power of your energetic abilities. You don’t need any special talents or powers, just an open mind.

FTN, Face, Tongue & Nails – $997 $247 (25 CEU)

Overflowing with fun and predictive information. It is divided into Face, Tongue and Nail modules to allow a segregation yet integration of concepts and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a sprinkle of Japanese Medicine. So grab your mirror and join us as we talk…. Face, Tongue and Nails.

At a glance the Top 5clues for each – face, tongue & nails – and how you can use them to determine a wellness plan.

Functional Blood Panels – $997 $247 (25 CEU)

Debbie Evans, FNP-BC, and Angie Ates, CAHP-BC, walk you through hours of “how to read” blood panels using Optimal ranges vs Regional Lab ranges. When you complete this module you will be on your way to Mastering the pattern relationships and how to view blood labs in a Functional theory. 

Sharpening Your Saw Classes – $497 $247
(25 CEU)


  • Lyme & Co-Infections
  • Lymphatic System
  • Methylation / MTHFR
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Viral Complexes

Individual Classes

1- ONE 5 Question Quiz
2- Sharpen your Knowledge vs Certification.
3- Certificate of Completion available.
4- Each course achieves 5 credit hours of completion.